Five steps to gain and retain prospective clients

by Azedah Williams August 17, 2015

In a digitally competitive environment, businesses are facing increased pressure to streamline their online content marketing strategies to make their voices heard among the crowd. At the same time, driving qualified leads to your website doesn’t mean having to spend all your budget and time on costly and complex digital marketing systems.

Here are some tips for optimising digital to gain and retain prospective clients.

1. Keep your site clean, simple and responsive

In order to keep your prospective clients engaged and encourage them to stay on your site, keep your web design and layout simple, clean and elegant.

Integrate a robust platform that is reliable and easy to navigate around. More importantly, find a platform that makes it efficient for you or your staff to make simple back-end changes such as uploading blog content, webinars, podcasts or videos.

With the proliferation of mobile technology, having a desktop-friendly site is no longer enough. Ensure your website design is responsive to tablet, iOS and Android devices.

2. Spotlight on your call to action

Make it easy for your clients to contact you and make an enquiry through your site. Having the traditional ‘contact’ tab at the top of the web template is essential, but you need to integrate a genuine and persuasive call to action on every single page, along with a simple-to-use contact button or form.

3. Optimise to drive traffic

One of the most effective ways to optimise your site is to publish regular, engaging and search-word-rich content. Think carefully about what your clients want and integrate the content they will most likely be searching for online.

Generating YouTube tutorials, webinars, podcasts and even free e-books on topics that are timely and relevant to your clients can further enhance your credibility and attract online leads.

Integrating analytic tools such as Yoast can also be a quick and simple way of ensuring your site’s search words are more tailored to your business needs.

Importantly, ensure your content truly engages with your prospects. Your voice and style need to earn your potential client’s trust, persuading them to follow through with their enquiry.

4. Social media engagement

Many businesses make the fatal decision to spend all their time and budget creating a powerful website with great content, but fail to broadcast the information to their audience in a relevant way.

Include social media buttons on every page of your website to provide clients with multiple platforms on which to connect with you. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be effective ways to drive more traffic and engagement to your business and attract prospective clients, when aligned carefully with an overall digital marketing strategy. In the long term, this will ensure you stay engaged with your audience and can be seen as a truly trusted authority within your field.

5. Stay connected

Generating a regular newsletter can not only help to retain existing customers, but having a subscription service can ensure you stay connected in the long term with new and prospective customers. A personalised email with exclusive offers for your services can help drive more traffic and engagement with your site and can be a powerful way to strategically optimise your online sales funnel. Visit the PLAN Campaign Manager portal for the latest newsletter templates to send your customers.

Ensure your business is maximising its online presence by creating a digital strategy that is focused on increasing conversions and which will keep your audience coming back for more.

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Azedah Williams

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Azadeh Williams is an international journalist and editor with over 2000 articles published across five continents, including writing for Reuters and The Times (UK). A former banking and finance solicitor, she holds an LLB, BA (Hons) from the University of Sydney and an MA from the City University London School of Journalism. Azadeh currently writes extensively on business and technology and lectures in business and professional news practice at the Macleay College faculty of journalism.

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