Five tips for brokers to stay focused when working from home

by Kat Aoki January 31, 2017

If you work alone, it can be hard to stay motivated – especially if you work from a home office. Between distractions, unfinished chores and all the other surrounding temptations, valuable time can quickly slip away. Here are five easy tips to help you stay focused when you’re running your broking business from home.

  1. Get started

Resistance to getting started is one of the biggest barriers to productivity. If a job feels overwhelming, try breaking it down into a series of smaller, more manageable tasks first. Doing this will help to overcome initial resistance and allow the ‘wheels to remain in motion’ until the task has been completed.

  1. Take a break

Your brain is like any other muscle in your body – it gets fatigued from overuse. Baylor University research from 2015 shows that taking regular, enjoyable breaks throughout the day (such as going for a walk in nature or petting a dog) gives your brain a much-needed rest, lowers stress levels, and can motivate you to push through difficult activities. For best results, it is suggested you take a 15 to 20-minute time-out from your computer, for every 60 to 90 minutes of work.

  1. Exercise during the day

Speaking of walking, a study conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University has found that workers who exercise at least two and half hours a week – in place of working – were actually more productive than their non-exercising peers. So, instead of grabbing another cup of coffee at lunchtime, put on your jogging shoes. As it turns out, physical activity during the day helps to increase physical and mental stamina, allowing for greater focus and productivity during work hours.

  1. Join a co-working space

Working from home can often feel isolating and lonely. It can also lead to unproductive habits such as cruising Facebook or visiting the fridge. Instead of being at home full time, why not spend a few days a week working alongside and networking with people from a variety of industries? This gives you the added opportunity to network with those around you while allowing you to better focus on the task(s) at hand.

  1. Get dressed

Working in pyjamas can seem like a perk of the self-employed, but it can actually undermine motivation and drive. Instead, getting dressed in regular business attire (or at least a good pair of jeans and a clean shirt) can help you feel more professional and less likely to engage in activities such as washing the dishes or doing laundry when procrastination strikes.

If you’re self-employed, it’s important to make sure you have access to the right information, tools and resources. Contact us to learn more about how PLAN Australia can help your broking business thrive.

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