Five ways to fall in love with your job (again)

by Adeline Teoh January 25, 2017

The saying ‘do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’ is a lovely thought, but business owners can (and do) get sick of the daily grind. Staying motivated is a skill and there are a few ways to acquire it.

1. Regain that lovin’ feeling

Many moons ago, you chose to enter the broking industry. Start by listing the reasons you wanted to be a broker and note some of the things you like about what you do. A lot of other advice stops here, assuming nostalgia will reignite your passion, but this is only half the exercise!

You then need to identify the core motivations of those things you listed. You’ll often find that the benefits you sought have either gone astray or are no longer what you seek.

For example, some people enjoy being a broker because there’s freedom and flexibility in the role but find they’re bogged down in the daily business operations, which negates the flexibility they initially sought. Others may, over time, eventually realise they prefer stability over freedom, which they may not have when running a broking business.

2. Outsource the bits you don’t like

Every job has unlikeable elements. But remember that list you made of things you like about what you do? Take another look at it. If that list far outweighs all the things you don’t particularly like about your job, this might well tip the balance to make your role seem much more attractive.

You may not have the funds to outsource everything you don’t like, and because you’re the boss you probably can’t outsource some activities. But whether it’s minute taking or dealing with dull data entry, try to take as much of the unpleasant stuff off your plate as you can.

3. Set new goals

Once upon a time, when you were a newly licensed broker, you may have dreamed of setting up your own practice. Now that you’ve achieved that, you may feel flat. Many brokers lose motivation because there is literally nothing for which they strive.

Setting fresh, attainable (but challenging) goals and making plans to achieve them will set things in motion once more. Try branching out into new broking areas such as commercial property and asset finance.

4. Seek outsiders

Directly or indirectly, mentors, business coaches and idols can give you a new way to look at your business. Chances are, people in mentorship and coaching positions have also experienced what you’re going through now and can help you deal with it.

5. Make headspace

They say a change is as good as a holiday, but sometimes what you need is an actual holiday. From jetting off somewhere exotic for a week to pottering about at home landscaping the garden, whether it’s two days or two months, taking a real break from work counts.

The benefits are threefold: you can find out whether it’s the business or your attitude towards the business that’s causing you grief; you give yourself a rest and that gives your body and brain time to re-energise; and you’ll discover what it is you actually miss about work.

There are many different reasons why a business owner becomes tired of their role, but there are just as many ways in which it’s possible to reignite your interest and love of the job. Finding out what triggers you is essential to refreshing your business outlook.

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