How brokers can use events to create opportunities for growth

by Kathleen Aoki April 11, 2017

Want to generate more interest in your broking business? Consider hosting an event. To help you get started, we’ve outlined five fantastic event ideas that can put you in front of potential clients and bring more business to your door.

  1. Informational events

A free webinar or informational evening packed with valuable financial advice is a great way to introduce potential clients to your business while helping build confidence and trust. Informational events are meant to be educational, so there’s no need to rely on high-pressure sales tactics. Rather, be creative: think of topics that could fill an existing knowledge gap and would genuinely interest your target market.

By demonstrating that you’re a trustworthy and reliable source of information, you’ll be top of mind when people are looking for a broker.

  1. Guest speaker events

If you’re strapped for ideas or not confident with public speaking, tap into your networks and ask someone to speak at an event that you’re hosting. After all, who’s more in-the-know than your fellow professionals?

Think about topics that can benefit your clients. For instance, you could get a tax accountant to run a tax information event for retirees or you could host a seminar specifically for first-time home buyers.

  1. Networking events

Hosting a networking event for your referral partners and your peers in relevant industries can help boost your professional profile. It can also lead to valuable new partnerships and contacts in the process. To make the most of your networking event, set up tables dedicated to each industry and ask attendees to bring business cards and informational pamphlets to share.

  1. Fundraising events

Many people like to support local businesses, so it’s important to demonstrate that you’re an active member of your community. Why not try to arrange a fundraising event? It’s a selfless way to give back to your community while generating positive feelings towards your business. Ideas include:

  • gathering donated goods from local businesses and hosting a silent auction
  • running a Christmas fundraising drive for local community members in need
  • organising a fun run or walk at the local community trail.

Be sure to use your social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn to help spread the word and build excitement in the lead-up to the event.

If you’re not in a position to coordinate a community event, consider sponsoring one instead. It will develop goodwill for your business and give you another reason to introduce yourself to people in your local area.

  1. Client appreciation events

Let your key clients know you appreciate them by hosting a client appreciation event. This might include a dinner at a nice restaurant, a Christmas party or a professionally catered picnic at the beach. Running this type of event once or twice a year sends the message that you really value your clients.

Hosting an event can increase exposure for your business and help build your client base. For more information on how PLAN Australia can help with growing your business, contact us today.

Kathleen Aoki

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