How mobile technology can give your business an edge

by Alan Hartstein July 6, 2016

Mobile technology has changed the way we do business. Devices such as tablets and smartphones make it easier than ever, as well as helping us communicate and share information with colleagues and associates.

Rapid advances in technology have transformed the humble mobile phone into a powerful virtual office. Are you leveraging mobile to drive your business forward?

Depending on your need and working style, there are apps designed to improve your business productivity. Here are some ideas about enlisting mobile as a vital tool in your brokering business.

Basic business functions

Push your use of mobile by exploring your phone’s in-built productivity apps. Make sure your email is set up on your phone or tablet and – if you make notes or to-do lists on your office computer – get them syncing to your device, too. Add in your daily calendar, and you’ll know always where you need to be, who you’re meeting with and what’s on the agenda.

With some applications, you can share calendars and even lists. Connect your team and make preparing for and scheduling meetings easier than it’s ever been.

Enhance marketing

Mobile technology has created a whole new advertising and marketing paradigm. You can now market your services via SMS, mobile websites and applications. As most people are usually glued to a mobile device (there are 15 million smartphones active in Australia) moving into mobile marketing is a smart decision for your business.

Even simple email marketing can be powerful, with 78% of smartphone users regularly checking email on their devices, making it the most popular activity on mobiles. Just make sure you have their permission first before contacting them via email, text or otherwise.

Assist with communication

Mobile technology allows you to communicate with your employees, as well as your prospects and broader networks.

It no longer matters if you or your staff is travelling to meetings, out on sales calls, working from a client’s site or from home – mobile devices keep you connected and so keep your business ticking along.

When on the road, you can also stay on top of any business-related social media interactions, as well as voicemail and email from leads. It’s far preferable to keeping your clients waiting.

Work from anywhere

With mobile technology, you can use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. This means you can access and update documents and presentations using a range of mobile business intelligence functions. Store documents securely in the cloud, and use mobile apps to access them, edit, share and even print to a remote location.

Mobile apps also allow you to make presentations to customers anywhere, download information to a customer’s network on the spot and interact while travelling. Streamline your business meetings and seal the deal faster without needing to drop back into the office to print a contract or send paperwork in the mail.

Embracing mobile can help coordinate business activities, reduce your reliance on desk-bound technology, and help get you dealing directly with your clients. Free yourself and build a more responsive business at the same time.

See our article 5 tools/apps to manage your time more efficiently for more ideas to streamline your day-to-day business, and – now that you’re out and about more – discover 5 surprising ways to use your time on the road.

Contact your BDM to discuss mobile solutions that may be right for you.

Alan Hartstein

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