How one broking business thought outside the marketing box

by PLAN Australia May 9, 2017

Launch Finance recognises the importance of thinking outside the box, and has put together an award-winning marketing strategy that works. Finance Manager Joe Del Borrello, one of five directors at the Western Australian broking business, admits wearing a marketing hat feels slightly odd, but it has helped turn them into a more successful business. Here he shares his marketing insights.

Plan first

To borrow a quote from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Before you take action, make a plan. It sounds simple, but many broking businesses treat their marketing in an ad hoc manner. “Don’t try and do everything,” Del Borrello says, “and whatever you choose to do, have a plan.”

Planning is also a good investment of your time. “If you have a plan, you know things need to be done by a certain date. That helps a lot when you get busy,” he says.

Dont be afraid to outsource

Unsure about your strategy, target market or promotional activities? Recognise that you’re a professional broker, not a professional marketer – and maybe it’s time to source help externally.

Del Borrello has done just that.

“Don’t be scared of outsourcing because it can be invaluable having someone specialised to help you with implementing your ideas,” he advises.

Think globally, act locally

Even the biggest multinationals start somewhere; Apple, Mattel and Google are just three of the global giants who started out in garages.

Whether you’re a local startup or a national operator, engaging with your immediate community can really help you stand out. “We’re always looking at, and posting about, what’s going on in Perth because that’s our main market,” says Del Borrello.

One strategy Launch Finance uses is to mention other local businesses on social media, which can attract better targeted traffic. For example, by posting a review of a Perth cafe on the Launch Facebook page, Launch was seen by a different – but local – audience.

Nourish your network

Marketing doesn’t always need to be aimed at the final customer. Pay special attention to your referral partners and they will reward you in turn.

Partnerships with real estate agents, accountants and others led to Launch creating monthly referrer newsletters. Del Borrello explains, “They could keep up with what Launch was doing and what was happening in the industry. It’s all about B2B marketing and keeping everyone in the loop.”

Work website wonders

When you reach a website, would you like to see something interactive and regularly updated? Or would you rather an unchanging, generic page – known as a static page?

Brokers are notorious for using static web pages, Del Borrello says, and as a result he believes they’re missing out. “One of our strategies is to publish good content regularly, which helps to increase our site’s position in Google’s search results.”

Launch’s digital content is both original and tailored to its target demographic. By putting themselves in their customers’ shoes, it helps the Launch team come up with interesting and informative topics. “The directors noticed we were getting a lot more enquiries once we were doing that – and doing it properly,” he says.

Overall, Del Borrello has one piece of advice for any broker looking at refining their content: “To keep it engaging, keep it short and simple. Try to talk about one specific thing.”

It’s a strategy that saw Launch Finance take home PLAN Australia’s Excellence in Innovation (Marketing) award in 2016.

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