How to use LinkedIn to promote your business

by Andrew Storrier August 17, 2015

LinkedIn offers a wide range of services you can use to promote your business, but which ones are actually going to get you in front of new prospects and turn them into clients?

According to Wishpond research, more than three-quarters (77 per cent) of B2B professionals have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. The online professional network is a great way to reach out to potential clients and convert them. It offers many services aimed at accomplishing just that – but which ones are worth investing time and money in?

Do I need a Company Page to get results?

The primary purpose of a Company Page is to raise brand awareness and to act as a landing page for people interested in your services. However, a good Company Page needs a constant stream of high-quality, relevant content in order to rank highly in the search results as well as attract new followers and keep them engaged. You need to ask yourself, do I have the time and resources to invest in a quality Company Page?

A Company Page shouldn’t be all about selling your services, rather it should be a place for potential clients or future employees to research your business. You can also build great brand advocacy, for example, by sharing stories about the work you do in the community, or asking a trusted client to provide a testimonial that you have permission to share.

Do I need to invest in paid social?

You can drive additional traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page using Sponsored Updates, which essentially allow you to reach people who might not be aware of your brand. If you want to promote your brand and get more people to follow your Company Page, using sponsored content is a good option. However, you’ll then need to engage those followers to convert them to clients.

The benefits of a Showcase Page

If you have a sizeable audience, you should also consider creating Showcase Pages, which are extensions of your Company Page and allow you to target your audience segments for each service you offer. If your business requires different marketing approaches to promote its offerings then Showcase Pages may be worth investing in.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

If you’re personable and authentic online, you have a much better chance of gaining traction with potential customers. One way to build a reputation is through LinkedIn Groups.

To get started, join groups you have a genuine interest in, such as professional peer groups, marketing strategy groups and industry news groups. Once you’re accepted into a few with good prospects, slowly ingratiate yourself. Be sure to:

  • Comment on other posts by asking questions or giving helpful information.
  • Avoid over-promoting your services.
  • Like other posts and share your own useful content.

LinkedIn is about doing business with people

Reach out to prospects using LinkedIn’s InMail function and be sure to mention the group you share. This can be particularly effective if you’ve already participated in some of the group’s posts. If you’ve invested in a Company Page, you can mention it, but make sure it’s relevant.

A cold call approach can still work – just make it about ‘them’. Reference common ground between you, such as shared connections, work history or interests, and acknowledge you’re making a cold approach. Be sure to ask if you can get in touch and what their best contact details are, so they have the opportunity to take action.

How heavily you invest in promoting your business on LinkedIn comes down to the scale of your business and how much time you can dedicate to your Company Page.

The best policy is to be personable and authentic on the platform, representing your business by positioning yourself as a thought leader among the website’s many relevant communities.

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Andrew Storrier

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Andrew Storrier is a writer with experience across several fields, including business, technology, HR and consumer electronics. He works out of Sydney, and in his free time he practises slam-dunking basketballs.

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