More ways brokers can use events to create opportunities for growth

by Kathleen Aoki April 26, 2017

So, you’ve decided to host an event – congratulations! Hosting an event is a great way to get your broking business out there, make new connections and build your client base. Here are seven practical tips for getting it right.

  1. Define your goals

The starting point of every successful event is having a clear vision of what you hope to achieve. Do you want to increase your networking opportunities with a relaxed party? Strengthen your brand through informational evenings? Let your goals be your guide.

  1. Plan well in advance

From creating personalised invites to choosing the right venue, hosting a professional marketing event takes careful thought and planning. Nothing can kill an event faster than overlooking a key detail, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

  1. Create a specialised event page

Make it easy for people to learn about, share and register for your event with an online event page. Eventbrite is a free service (provided your ticketing is free, too) that makes it easy for small businesses to manage and promote their events.

  1. Choose your venue wisely

The venue can have a huge impact on the success of your event, so choose carefully. Some important things to consider include:

  • Capacity. How large is the venue and how many people can it hold?
  • Ambience. What kind of atmosphere does the location convey and does it suit your event?
  • Location. Is the location convenient for attendees, easily accessible and close to adequate parking?
  • Amenities. Does the venue have the equipment (if any) you need? Think podium, screens, tech requirements, tables and chairs, food and drink facilities.
  • Acoustics and lighting. These can play a big part in the enjoyment of your event, so be sure to check these out before you book.


  1. Lock in dependable vendors

Vendors can make or break your event, so ensure they’re dependable and have an established track record of delivering on time and within budget. Using an online party-planning directory such as Everything Events can help you find suppliers in your area and get multiple quotes.

  1. Get the word out

If you have a database of contacts, doing an email blast is a good place to start your event promotion. Create compelling subject lines, make emails shareable and include an attractive image or video to help build interest in your event. Be sure to offer earlybird discounts (if you’re charging) and make it easy for people to register by linking to your event page. And don’t forget social media!

  1. Create something memorable

Don’t be afraid to be creative and have a little fun. From themed parties to ‘get-to-know-you’ exercises at networking events, there are many ways to add an entertainment factor and create something people will remember.

Events are a great way to network, make new contacts and build lasting relationships. For more information on how PLAN Australia can help make the most of your customer relationships, speak with us today.

Kathleen Aoki

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Kathleen Aoki is a marketing professional, writer and blogger with over 10 years' experience in the IT industry. As a freelance writer, she has written for a variety of industry publications and blogs across Australia on the topics of marketing, social media, SEO, mobile technology and more.

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