PLAN Australia connects, supports and celebrates women in business

PLAN Australia proudly celebrated the contribution of women in business at the  2017 NAB Connecting… Read more

How to adapt to rising competition from online lending

Rising competition from online lenders and financial technology start-ups means brokers who want to survive and thrive must differentiate their businesses in new ways.

PLAN Australia’s Training and Education program recognised as industry’s best

The award marks our commitment to supporting our brokers to grow and develop their businesses, as well as lifting professional standards across the broking sector.

How white label loans have empowered one broker to maintain ongoing, direct engagement with his customers

PLAN Australia member Petro Triantafyllou tells us how white label loans have helped him build relationships with his customers.

Why white label products tick the right boxes

PLAN Australia member Andrew Carra tells us why white label products are the right fit for him and his valued customers.

PLAN Australia Digital PD Day

Highlights from the PLAN Australia Digital PD Day

How one broking business took advantage of customisable technology

Keeping track of hundreds of loans and supporting documents is never an easy task. The Loan Company discovered how being innovative with technology can take the pain out of paperwork.

PLAN Australia member nominations at the Australian Broking Awards

Congratulations to all the PLAN Australia members who have been nominated for the 2017 Australian Broking Awards. Good luck at the awards ceremony in Sydney on 30 June.

PLAN Australia announced as Australian Broking Awards finalist for Training and Education

We’re thrilled to have been named as a finalist in the 2017 Australian Broking Awards.

How one broking business thought outside the marketing box

Broking industry professionals need to know how to promote their core business well. Jo Del Borrello from Launch Finance shares their innovative marketing techniques.

More ways brokers can use events to create opportunities for growth

Don’t leave your event planning to chance. Here are our top seven tips for organising and running a successful marketing event to boost your brand.

Balance and perspective

PLAN Australia CEO, Anja Pannek gives her latest thoughts on ASIC’s review of mortgage broker remuneration.

How brokers can use events to create opportunities for growth

More direct than any marketing campaign, events can generate interest in your business and get more clients on your books. Here are five great event ideas to help you get started.

How white-label helps brokers grow their business

White-label has come a long way since its beginnings in the industry just a few years ago – from a new concept that brokers were curious about, to a disruptive force that’s become one of the top products searched on many lending panels.

Stories of Growth – Odyssey Financial

Nick Don from Odyssey Financial tells us about his story of growth with PLAN Australia

ASIC’s Broker Remuneration Report has been released

PLAN Australia CEO, Anja Pannek updates our members on the recently released ASIC review.

Four ways to expand your broker business

Mortgage broking is a competitive space. Diversification can give your business new life and bring in new clients.

Five ways brokers can boost word-of-mouth leads in local communities

One strong marketing advantage a service-oriented business like broking has is a local presence. Here’s how to build your community profile.

Succession planning for brokers: The key to a successful future

Focusing on your succession plan today can help you create a better work-life balance tomorrow. Here’s a closer look at what a succession plan is and why it’s so important.

Stories of Growth – Finstra

David Cowan from Finstra tells us about his story of growth with PLAN Australia

Doing the right thing

NAB’s Executive General Manager of Broker Partnerships, Anthony Waldron shares his thoughts on the current state of the broker industry.

How to become a thought leader in the broking industry

Thought leadership goes beyond sharing your ideas. It can be an effective marketing tool for your business, and a way to engage with existing and potential clients.

Ready, set, grow: Three steps to help your broking business flourish

Too often business owners treat their business as a job and fail to grow the company to its full potential. Here are three steps to help you refocus so your business can thrive.

Five tips for brokers to stay focused when working from home

Are you a mortgage broker working from a home office environment? If so, then you understand how challenging it can be at times to stay focused and motivated. Here are our top five tips to help you stay on task.

Five ways to fall in love with your job (again)

Unlimited passion for any job is idealistic at best, unattainable at worst. What are some sustainable ways to stay motivated for, challenged by and interested in your business in the long run?

How to reduce social media risks in your broking business

Social media platforms provide an affordable way to market your services but if you’re not 100% aware of the risks, it could cost you your business.

How brokers can take control of their email

Do you feel like you’re spending too much of your workday checking work-related email messages?* If so, it’s time to tame the inbox beast once and for all. Here’s how.

Five steps to marketing your business online

How to launch an effective digital marketing strategy in five easy steps.

Highlights from our Commercial & Asset Finance Digital PD Day

Check out all the highlights from our latest digital PD Day.

Four analytics tools to track your business

Without website analytics, your business is stumbling in the dark. If web traffic analysis is new territory for you, check out our guide to some of the top tools available.

Four ways to look after your referral partners

Building and maintaining healthy business relationships is a great way to generate new customer leads. But once you find high-quality, reliable referral partners, how do you keep the lines of communication open and active at all times?

PLAN Australia to host second Commercial & Asset Finance Digital PD Day

We’re looking forward to hosting our second annual Commercial & Asset Finance Digital PD Day,… Read more

Top tips to get your blog noticed

Blogs are a great, quick and affordable way of getting your brand and ideas out there. But in a crowded market, how do you get your information heard and your expertise recognised?

How often should you post on social media?

How active should you be in promoting your business via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? This infographic explains all.

Great merchandise ideas to help you market your business

Promotional items are a fun and useful way to market your business. Here are some ideas and tips to consider when producing branded merchandise.

HR Assured deal brings market-leading HR service to PLAN Australia brokers

We’re pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with leading workplace relations… Read more

Six ways to strengthen your LinkedIn profile

How’s your LinkedIn profile looking? Follow these easy steps to improve your presence on this important marketing and networking platform.

How to expand your referral network to grow your business

Referrals can be a valuable source of new business. To expand your referral network, tap into complementary professional services

Introducing our new CEO

We are pleased to announce that Anja Pannek has been appointed CEO of PLAN Australia and Advantedge Financial Solutions.

Four ways to use technology to recruit better people

Taking advantage of the technology and techniques that recruiters use can help you find more suitable employment candidates for your business.

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