Six ways to get the most from your marketing budget

by Kat Aoki August 16, 2016

When it comes to marketing, getting big results from a small budget is often easier said than done. From leveraging automation to expanding your existing resources, here are some ways to maximise your marketing budget to grow your customer base and get the most out of your marketing initiatives.

1.Get automated

Marketing automation software is designed to help businesses automate vital marketing tasks and nurture leads through the buying life cycle. Used properly, marketing automation tools can allow you to better target and engage with key prospects via email, social media and on your website – helping you to convert more leads into sales.

2.Leverage social media

With 15 million Facebook accounts and 3.8 million LinkedIn users in Australia, social media is one of the best ways to connect with new and existing clients. For example, LinkedIn has numerous features to help you showcase your knowledge, connect with others and build brand awareness. Consider integrating your social accounts with marketing automation software to create even more personalised and relevant messages.

3.List with Google

Google My Business is a free directory service provided by Google that can help your business rank higher in organic searches. When someone performs a search on brokers in your area, Google provides a listing and locates businesses on a map, along with a link to your website and contact details. According to Google, businesses that use this service are twice as likely to be considered reputable, giving your business greater visibility and credibility at no cost.

4.Re-use digital content

With content playing an important part in today’s marketing strategies, think about ways you can repurpose your premium content. A blog post or article on your website could generate additional interest when posted to your LinkedIn account. It could also become the basis of an e-newsletter or a downloadable ebook. And don’t forget the photos, images and layouts from your existing campaigns – all of these can be re-used for future promotions.

5.Stretch your print budget

If you’re looking to maximise your print advertising budget, think singular. Instead of printing several different brochures for each market segment, try creating a single brochure that covers all the bases. Given that most of the information in the brochure will be generic (services, products, company background), you only need a few sections devoted to specific audiences.

6.Don’t forget PR

Along with email and social media, press releases can be one of the most economical methods for generating leads. For the price of one press release, you can distribute company news and product information to multiple sources including consumer magazines, websites and online news distribution services. Look out for local PR agencies and press release distributors. Compared to print or online ads, press releases are a low-cost way to maximise your marketing spend.

You could even think about pitching an article to broker or local business publications. By forming relationships with local industry publications, you can gain a boost from free PR.

By leveraging the right tools and strategies, you can make your marketing budget go further. For more information on how PLAN Australia can help you attract the right clients and grow your business, contact us today.


Facebook and LinkedIn statistics compiled by for May 2016.

Stats and research courtesy: Vivid Social. Figures correct as of 31/05/16.

Kat Aoki

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