Six ways to strengthen your LinkedIn profile

by Lindy Coverdale October 25, 2016

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for building your professional reputation and network. And with 3.4 million Australians using LinkedIn, you can’t afford to not use its full potential. However, you don’t have to be a social media expert – just follow these six simple steps to strengthen your LinkedIn game.

1. Complete your profile

The quickest win on LinkedIn involves making sure your profile is completely filled out. You wouldn’t send out a half-finished resume, so don’t make the same mistake with your LinkedIn profile.

According to LinkedIn, a complete profile makes you 40 times more likely to receive opportunities via the platform. And you can get up to speed in just a few minutes.

LinkedIn considers your profile complete if you include:

  • industry and location
  • current position (with a description)
  • two past positions
  • your education
  • a minimum of three skills (more about how to make the most of these below)
  • at least 50 connections.

LinkedIn will even tell you how close your profile is to achieving “all-star” strength, so take notice.

2. Use a professional photo

The right profile picture will enhance your reputation. Use a photo that’s professional, and appropriate for your industry. (Save the selfies and Christmas party photos for your personal Facebook page.) Also, make sure your picture is up to date – would a potential client be able to recognise you from this photo?

3. Add branding

If you have a company or personal brand logo, use it. The background banner photo is a great place to do this. Associating your branding with your profile makes it more likely people will remember who you are and what you’re about.

4. Get recommended

You know how powerful it is to have a client or colleague recommend you to others. LinkedIn recommendations do exactly this – they’re testimonials from people who have experience with your work performance.

Recommendations from colleagues, management, people you manage and customers build trust and credibility. It’s easy to request written recommendations from your online connections.

5. Get endorsed

While recommendations relate to positions you’ve held, endorsements are acknowledgements of your skill set. With a click, your LinkedIn connections can affirm your listed skills.

It’s worth putting some thought into the skills you want to list and be endorsed for, because they can really enhance your visibility. For example, when someone searches for “mortgage lending”, if you’ve listed it as a skill and you have multiple endorsements for it, your profile will rank higher in the search results.

6. Use keywords

Well-chosen keywords can also boost your profile’s search performance. Think about the words people use when they’re looking for experts in your industry, and don’t forget your location. Use these terms where relevant, and in places like your headline (that’s the text directly below your name) and your background summary.

An effective LinkedIn profile is all about establishing yourself as a credible and trusted broker, just as it is with your face-to-face network. The next step is using LinkedIn to promote your business.

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LinkedIn usage statistics compiled by for August 2016.

Stats and research courtesy: Vivid Social. Figures correct as of 31/08/16.

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